ETMA Artificial Silk SA

The original Company ETMA S.A., was created in 1925 and is based in Athens, Votanikos, 5 Ag. Annis Str.

The ETMA Group consists of :

l ETMA S.A., producer of nylon yarns and until 2000 also producer of filament rayon yarns.
l HELLATEX S.A., (recently merged with POLYETMA, another company of the Group) producer of texturized and dyed polyester and nylon yarns, of which ETMA holds 53,56 %.
l RONALTEX, a French trading Company, wholly owned since 1996 by HELLATEX.
l Two newly founded Companies in P.R. China, HEILONGJIANG LONGMA Chemical Fibre .Co. Ltd. and HEILONGJIANG ETMA Chemical Fibre Co. Ltd of which ETMA holds 51 % and which will continue the ETMA filament rayon yarns manufacturing, at 6.000 tons per year capacity, in Acheng, Heilongjiang Province, North East P.L. of China under ETMA's know how and license.

ETMA has been quoted on the Athens Stock Market since 1938, and the daughter Company HELLATEX since 1996.

ETMA is the only manufacturer of man-made fibers in Greece and over 50 % of the production capacity of the Group is exported to Western Europe. ETMA premises occupy an area of 87.078 sq.m. adjacent to HELLATEX, the whole area amounting to 111.983 sq.m.

ETMA's Share Capital is drachmas divided into 17.074.349 shares, of which 12.409.923 are common voting shares and 4.664.426 preferential non voting shares. Major shareholders and directors of ETMA are :

l Mr Alexander Maschas President of ETMA and of the daughter Company HELLATEX
l Mr Charilaos Liambeys, Managing Director of both ETMA and HELLATEX
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