ETMA S.A. was founded in 1925 as a viscose continuous filament producer and trader, and operated continuously until the year 2000, when production at the original location was discontinued due to comparative cost disadvantages .The trading sector continues to operate.

Presently, the manufacturing equipment and process units are being transported to the People’s Republic of China, where production of viscose yarn will be continued by two plants established as joint ventures between ETMA S.A. and one of the major Chinese synthetic yarn producers , Heilongjiang Longdi Group Corp. The new production scheme will be based exclusively on ETMA’s long standing expertise and proprietary technical know-how.

In 1969 ETMA S.A. entered the area of production of synthetic yarns (Polyester and Polyamide N-66 ) by establishing two subsidiary companies, POLYETMA S.A. and HELLATEX S.A. , at the same original site. In 1996 ETMA acquired the French trading company RONALTEX S.A. to strengthen its trading position in the Central European market.

At the same time ( 1969 ) ETMA S.A. began producing N-66 yarns, in POY and Conventional form, products which have been used directly by HELLATEX S.A. This activity continues uninterrupted to the present day.


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